A privileged environment

Come discover Peratallada and the real Baix Empordà region

We are halfway between the city of Girona and caressing the Gavarres mountains in the Empordanet region, as the writer Josep Pla once said. If you come to the Hotel Boutique Mas Rabiol in Peratallada, you will walk through the stage of different film shoots such as the medieval town of Monells, the corners of Peratallada or small roads drawn over the plain. You will visit artisan workshops, the Medieval Castle, the Terracotta Ceramic Museum, small wineries and farmhouses where you can buy their products directly.

Hiking and bicycle routes

10 minutes from the golf course

10 minutes from the beach


Peratallada is a small medieval town in the Baix Empordà region, being one of the most visited for its beauty, its cobbled streets and the moat dug directly onto the stone and its wall, maintaining its original medieval structure. Inside, the well-preserved castle where events are held during the summer, the Romanesque church of Sant Esteve, small streets and squares where time seems to have stopped.

Costa Brava

We are in Peratallada, a strategic location for walking routes, as well as for other activities such as cycling, which will allow you to get to know the Empordà and Costa Brava area.

La Bisbal d’Empordà

The Catalan capital of ceramics, both utilitarian and decorative or applied to construction, is easily recognised by the colours red, straw yellow, green, blue… and by the glazed finish of most of the pieces. City where the Terracotta Ceramics Museum is also located, in an old ceramics factory, with a unique industrial architecture where the kilns and different production spaces have been preserved.

Monells and Ullastret

Monells is a medieval town built around an old castle, of which only the walls remain. The beauty of its houses until you reach the magnificent porticoed Plaza Jaume I, where an important market was once held in medieval times.
Ullastret is the largest Iberian city discovered so far in the Iberian Peninsula. Crossing its lavish wall allows us to walk through the streets, houses and temples of what was once the capital of the Iberian tribe called “indigets”. From the archaeological site, you can enjoy unique panoramic views of the landscape that the writer Josep Pla called Empordanet.

Les Gavarres

The Gavarres forests supplied raw materials for activities as varied as the firing of bricks, lime and charcoal, and the cork industry due to the large number of cork oaks. The massif has 10 heritage elements declared an area of ethnological interest (ovens, ice wells, mills, aqueducts, etc.). Among the most relevant archaeological remains are more than 40 megaliths, remains of Iberian settlements and castles.

Natural Park of Montgrí, the Medes Islands and El Baix Ter

The Parc Natural del Montgrí, the Medes Islands and Baix Ter compose a unique place in Catalonia. El Montgrí displays a beautiful natural landscape with unique fauna and flora. Looking at the seabeds of the Medes Islands, with undoubted ecological value, is an experience you don’t want to miss. Do not lose this mountainous massif that rises between the plains of Baix and Alt Empordà.