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Baix Empordà

Peratallada ville médiévale a la Costa Brava

The boutique hotel Mas Rabiol is halfway between Girona City and the “Empordanet” area at the foot of the Gavarres Massif, named thus by local writer Josep Pla. On your way to Hotel Mas Rabiol you will pass film locations such as the medieval village of Monells, the picturesque Peratallada, and the many small roads crisscrossing the plain. You can visit craft workshops, the medieval castle and Terracotta ceramics museum in La Bisbal, as well as farmhouses and small wine cellars selling their products directly to the public.

The central part of Baix Empordà County boasts the highest concentration of potters and other craft workers in the whole of Catalonia, providing an opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the traditional artisan skills that have been passed down from generation to generation.

La Bisbal d'Empordà, county capital 
La Bisbal is the pottery capital of Catalonia, producing ceramics designed for utilitarian, decorative and construction purposes, easily recognisable by the red, green, blue, and straw-yellow glazes on most of the pieces made in the town. Terracotta Ceramics Museum is located in a former pottery works, a unique example of industrial architecture where the former kilns and various manufacturing spaces can still be observed. 

Peratallada, a stone’s throw from the hotel
Peratallada is widely thought to be one of the prettiest medieval villages in the whole of Spain. Go on a journey back in time as you walk through its cobbled streets and squares, admiring the count’s castle, the towers, the defence walls, and the moat hewn out of the rock. The village maintains its original layout, with parts of the street surface remaining unchanged for five hundred years. A lesser known fact is that Peratallada was the birthplace of Berenguer de Cruïlles (1310-1362 ), the first President of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Monells and Ullastret
Monells is a medieval village built around an old castle, of which only the defence walls remain today. Admire the beautiful houses leading to the superb porticoed square , a major marketplace throughout the Middle Ages. 
Ullastret boasts the largest Iberian settlement discovered to date on the Iberian Peninsula. Once inside the magnificent defence wall, you can explore the streets, dwellings and temples of the Iberian tribe known as the “Indigetes”. The site offers unique panoramic views of the “Empordanet” landscape as described by local writer Josep Pla.

Gavarres Massif, a protected natural space
The forests of the Gavarres once supplied the raw materials for a wide range of traditional activities, such as fuel for the local charcoal, lime, and pottery kilns, and bark for the cork industry in the area. The massif contains 10 listed ethnological heritage items, including kilns, ice wells, mills, and aqueducts. Major archaeological features include over 40 megaliths, castles, and the remains of Iberian settlements.